Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Oh yes, no one said it’s going to be easy
You’re right, it breaks their hearts,
It brings them apart,
Just to see that you’re right.
Your dreams are too high for them,
They can’t reach them, so they kill you.
But you’re too strong.
Steadfast don’t flee.
Fight and stay, it’s your say.
It’s your world and it’s your way.
It’s the very makeup of your destiny.
No matter what they do, stay strong.
It’s not wrong to be right, it’s not right to be wrong.
Just keep your vision in sight,
Keep it tight, keep it right.
One day you’ll look back and say,
“I’m glad they laughed.”
Now they’re stuck in their world of no hope,
With no dream, with their backs against the ropes.
And from the top you look and smile,
It was hard but worth the while.
Worth the sweat, worth the tears,
Worth all the gone years.
Yes you made it and you’re strong.
I wish I could be like you…

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نور الأكوان said...

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

ما شاء الله كلمات ممتلئة المعانى، عميقة المشاعر، متدفقة الإحساس، بارك الله فيك و لك و بك و عليك أخى الحبيب