Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Real Men

Real Men
If you say you’re a man, come and see what I’ve done
I am a man.
With my small hands and weak voice,
I still can.
I showed the world right from wrong,
I was hit many times, but stayed strong.
My brother died in front of me,
But I did not cry.
I could have, but didn’t have the chance.
Before I ran I looked at him in a glance,
And kissed his forehead,
I told him to meet me in paradise on a silk bed.
He was smiling because he was dead.
He knew that his blood wouldn’t be in vain,
That the world would speak up in disdain,
But no one did.
And I tried but my voice was weak, I’m just a kid.
I am a man.
I protect you and fight for you,
You sit between your TV and PS2.
I take the blows that you should take,
I protect you in your sleep, until you wake.
I am a man.
I lie under rubble of cement and bricks.
I am a child.
I died in Lebanon in 2006.


نور الأكوان said...

سلمت يمناك أخى الحبيب

najeeb said...

AA, bro. Nice poem. Keep it flowing...

mesam said...

its nice ya Anas. mashallah, a mathematician and a poet :)

hend said...

very touching poem anas...actually the whole nusrah campain was a very touching fruitful journey...yalla keep it on and we want the help club to outdo isa this yr