Monday, November 06, 2006

~ With the greeting that's been holding this world together I greet you. Assalamu 3alaikom wa Ra7matollahi wa Barakato.
~~ They say that laws govern everything. It is true in a sense; there are laws of motion, laws of economics, and even laws of war. But I disagree. They missed one thing that does not function except without laws: Dreams. Dream as you wish for it is a way to relive the past and see the future. Dream as you like, because yesterday's dreams are today's reality. Maybe what was once your dream would be the vision of someone else; maybe if you don't dream, there would be no tomorrow. I'm sorry, there is one rule for dreaming, if you don't follow it, you shouldn't dream because you will be wasting your time. That rule says that when you dream you have to let your dreams reach the sky, so when they fall, they'll still be up there. Your dreams dont have to be complex, they just have to be heart-felt. They have to reflect you, they have to be of your make. As for me, my dreams reflect my make, I am of simple make...

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نور الأكوان said...

Wa 3alaikom assalam wa ra7matollah wa barakatoh

dear mr.simple make

ma sha2 ALLAH a wonderful start hope that u impress all of us more and more. May ALLAH send his blessings and mercy upon u.