Friday, May 25, 2007

I'm Sorry

I’m sorry.
I know it’s late, but here it is
Here is my feeling of guilt
With my eyes on the floor I say this.
I know I’ve hurt you,
Haven’t spoken to you,
But it stayed with me,
For a very long time,
How I wounded your heart
I didn’t realize that I only hurt mine.
I’m sorry.
It’s hard to say but it must be said
I have to say it so I can lay calm in bed.
Thinking about that day,
When I saw you cry,
Because of something I said.
I thought of every way,
Not to say sorry,
But here I am,
Taking the hard road,
Taking my heart on board…
A very long trip.
Taking my soul to yours,
To try to fix that rip.
I’m sorry again and again,
I will say it till the end,
Because who would want to lose,
A very good friend… ?


Anonymous said...

you're so sweet.

عمرو طموح said...

هو حصل وللا ايه يا أبو أنس؟

لا و هي كمان داخلة تقوللك انك سو سويت....

يللا مش عيب

ابقي اعزمنا علي أي حاجة رسمي... لأنك عارفني إنسان محترم و مليش في اللي مش رسمي

بس حلوة بجد و الله.... بغض النظر عن الاعتبارات الشرعية، و التورية في إنك في الآخر سميته فريند بس... بس مش مهم... حلوة يا شخص

أبو نضال said...

really nice anoos, and very heart touching :)

keep it up, and plz don't stop writing, u have a gr8 talent don't let go of it...

salamizo amigo

Simple Make said...

enta yad ya 3mr.. met3'az menny walla eh? ya 3m el 7ayah foras, we shed 7eelak enta kaman 3ayzeen nefra7 beek...

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