Saturday, May 19, 2007


Who are you?
What are you doing in me?
Intruding my mentality?
No, I am a result of what you've become.
I… am… you.
Then why are you so different?
Your existence, I think it's an accident.
You say this because you do not understand me…
Or you.
The 'you' you are talking about
Has withered and died out.
It used to exist before you were changed.
Yes, you have changed.
From the simple to the complex
A product of life's projects
From the inward to the outward.
How can you know this?
No one knows this but me.
Ha ha. I think you forgot
But I'll remind you why not
Shut your ears and listen with your heart:
I am you, and you are me.


عمرو طموح said...

It's true that when u chaange, u take sometime till u recognize... that this is the new U.

sometimes... u just need to hear urself, to know urself.

gr8... we eb2a 2ool 2nak nazelt 7aga gededa... enat bet5abehom???:)

Simple Make said...

eh ya 3mr, 25eeran 3abbart elsh3b! shokran ya 3m 3al tawado3.