Saturday, March 17, 2007


Who has become who?
You have become them.
Like a leaf on a stem
You say the same words,
Act the same way,
Walk the same roads,
And they’ll take you away.
Robbed of your identity,
You are someone no more
You are a mop for their floor
A knob for their door,
And nothing else.
No more you have sense,
You drink what they drink,
And study what they think,
Wear what they wear,
Get eaten by the same bear
Because you don’t see;
Blinded by their media
Your only encyclopedia
Believe what they say
Do what they do
Stay if they stay,
Until they become you.


أبو نضال said...

really deep anoos; u'll be a facinting poet if put ur mind to it :)

hope that we r not them...amen

Anonymous said...

This is a very nice piece. Keep it up man!

Pleasance said...

People should read this.

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