Wednesday, March 07, 2007

True Love

Maybe I’ve never showed it, but I love u
In the movement of the day,
In the tiredness at night,
So many words I’d like to say,
But cant see which time is right.
If I don’t speak the words, I hope my actions do,
I hope u understand that I love u.
That every breath I take I would give to u,
Just to see u smile, just to see u laugh.
I’d follow u to every place ur at,
Because u’ve been there for me,
Never left me, nine months so strong,
Nine months I was ur life, now ur mine.
I’d die to let u live,
I’d take whatever u give.
Maybe I can borrow the beauty in the universe
The beauty of colors, birds and the sun.
I’d take this beauty and write with the clouds,
“From your beloved son”…


Anonymous said...

This is really nice. Keep on writing wa rou7 alqudus ma3ak.

Simple Make said...

Shokran.. bs meen?

Munir said...

Shukran ya 'ibni, ana mi adar masha3rak nahyiti ;-)