Saturday, March 24, 2007

Your Prayers

All went down and things fell apart
This day would come, I knew it from the start
Cracks fill my mind and seize my heart
This time was sure to come, I had to be smart
My actions seemed right but turned to be wrong
The world seemed tight but soon had gone
I could see that I was falling, no longer strong
If it wasn’t for your prayers that kept me on
In that time when the light was dark
When tears and blood were the only spark
When memories come and go and leave their mark
That’s when I was glad I heard your words
So calming to my spirit, it settled down
Pulled me up from the deep before I drowned
They told me to reach up for the sky,
To keep my head held high.
Your words assured my heart that one day..
The last day..
I’ll be your crown
It was your prayers that kept me on

1 comment:

عمرو طموح said...

حلوة يا شخص...

إحساس راقي و والله...

استمر ... ممكن ييجي منك